water disinfection



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water disinfection

water treatment

Joint Stock Venture "Svarog"(Moscow) was incorporated in 1994.

The Company's activities involve: water treatment to specific requirements and alternative purification methods for the removal of pathogenic microorganisms and dissolved petroleum products from aquatic media, disinfection of industrial and domestic effluent, as well as industrial closed loop water recycling systems.

Our company is a world leader in developing technologies for water disinfection and purification for fuel refineries and fuelling stations, vehicles washing stations, cleaning railway cisterns, wine and milk industries, public water supply and waste water treatment systems, swimming pools, saunas, etc.
Svarog supplies its equipment to a number of countries around the world.

Our Design Bureau constantly advances the current technologies and develops new processes and systems.

Svarog owns the "Lazur" brand name and manufacturers under this name a wide range of the water disinfection and wastewater treatment units, with output from 0.5 m3/hr to 1000 m3/hr and stations of modular configuration with the capacity from 100 to 10000 m3/hr.

Our company co-operates with Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Emergencies of the Russian Federation in their water purification projects.

Contact telephones: +7(495) 617-1945, +7(499) 795-7786

Great Britain:

Biovis Limited Tel: +44 (0)1865 522400

Email: info@biovis.co.uk


Contact person: Stanislav Induchny







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2002 JSC "SVAROG"                           Phone / Fax: +7(495) 617-1945, +7(499) 795-7786
E-mail:   E-mail:svarog@svarog-uv.ru