water disinfection



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water disinfection

Effluent Treatment Process for Industrial Enterprises.

Effluent from various industrial enterprises (such as galvanize, dyeing, engineering, milk/cheese, margarine, butter, meat and fish processing, agricultural farms, tanning, etc.) are full with various harmful substances.

The proposed treatment process has been tested at tens of industrial enterprises in Russia and abroad since 1980. In accordance with this process, the effluent is treated by KAMK-reagent - 200-300 grams per 1 m3. The cost of KAMK is low - $4 per 1 m3 as it is in fact a by-product of schist and cement industrial production.The effluent is mixed with sorbent. Using cavitation chambers, the mixture is homogenised, saturated with air and ozone, and is treated by ultrasound, pH is adjusted accordingly, and coagulants and flocculants are introduced. An intense coagulation process within the treated water follows. Then, hard sediment is settling at a speed of up to 10 m per hour across the depth of the treated layer.The coagulants are simple compositions and easily available in any region. Their introduction is made by using a simple feeder. The units are compact, simple in design (for example: a water treatment unit of a 500 m3/day output occupies 100 m2 of floor space). A unit can be manufactured on site from any non-corrosive material (or material with a protective coating). Introduction of the reagent into effluent operation of flotation and the cavitation chambers, as well as Ultraviolet-radiation, require power supply. At the first stage, a group of exports determines the appropriate application of cavitation chambers, Ultraviolet-emitters and methods of homogenisation and flotation which are subject to the effluent type. Then after a model treatment of an effluent sample (not expensive) to the required treatment efficiency, the final design and manufacturing take place on site (in the client's country) under supervision of a technical representative of our company.The final stage: commissioning of equipment and training of personnel.

P.S.  Reminder: the treatment process is very simple to operate. All you need to know is what reagent, what quantity and when to apply.

Treatment of Effluent from Dyeing Enterprises Using Soyuzecologiya Treatment Process.

The Effluent from dyeing industries is characterized by complex chemical compositions. Their main contaminants are residues of dyes (direct, vat, dispersed, acidic, polyamide, etc.), surface-active synthetic substances, wetting agents, organic solvents, acids, alkalis.

The Effluent is treated by KAMK reagent in accordance with the treatment process designed by Soyuzecologiya with subsequent decantation of the treated water in ponds.

The advantage of this treatment process is that the resulted quality of treated water allows its (repeated) re-usage in the dyeing cycle. No equipment for treated water is filtration required. The KAMK reagent is available in ample supply, and costs $4 per ton. An average consumption of KAMK is 300-500 g/m3. The used KAMK reagent can be regenerated by simple catenation.

The efficiency of the treatment process using KAMK reagent is shown in theTable:

Description of Substance Value Prior to Treatment, mg/litre Value after Treatment, mg/litre Treatment efficiency, %
Suspended substances up to 650 28 95.7
COC (chemical oxygen consumption) 246 8.4 96.6
BOC (biochemical oxygen consumption) 120 15.8 86.8
Nitrates 0.65 0.2 69.2
Nitrites 0.2 0.05 75
Ammonium Nitrogen 3.8 2.5 34
Caleium 28.6 not found 100
Magnesium 12.6 not found 100
Sulphates 65.4 34.2 48
Chlorides 230 320 -
Iron 3.2 0.03 99
Mineral residue 780 180 75
Petroleum Products 25.8 0.9-0.7 96.5-93.4
Surface-Active Synthetic Substances 16.5 1.4-1.9 91.5-88.4
Water hardness 3 0.05 98.3



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